Hogwarts uniform references

I've recently been upgrading my Hogwarts uniform Hermione cosplay so that it's as movie accurate as possible; I'll be making a youtube video on everything soon which will include details, fabrics, behind the scenes secrets (thanks to the studio tour) and how I put mine together. I found hundreds of references from movie stills, photoshoots … Continue reading Hogwarts uniform references


Making of: Beverly Marsh

The first costume of my MCM Expo line up this year was Beverly Marsh from 2017's "IT". I am a huge horror fan and had always loved the original "IT" series so automatically  knew I'd love this movie from the moment it was announced. Plus, Bill Skarsgård is in it....and I love him....a lot. However … Continue reading Making of: Beverly Marsh

Character Corner: Éponine

I'm starting a new series on my blog called "Character corner"; This is where I'll be discussing my costumes for specific characters. Part of why I love cosplaying is because I get to be characters that I love or really admire, and cosplay gives me a feeling of being closer to those characters/franchises that mean … Continue reading Character Corner: Éponine

A Hermione a week: #9

I'm back with another Hermione to share! I actually got around to getting some pictures of this outfit, which I've been meaning to do so for weeks. This is one of my favourite outfits - and one of my favourite scenes of the movie. A Hermione a week #8 Hermione wears a Gryffindor shirt in … Continue reading A Hermione a week: #9

RepliKate: week 2

For the second RepliKate I'm going back to 2011 with the fan dubbed "Honeymoon dress". Kate has worn this dress multiple times, however it's most recognised as the dress she wore to depart Buckingham palace for her honeymoon. This is one of the few Kate items that is quite easy to find. I've seen it … Continue reading RepliKate: week 2

My Hermione Granger collection

I've been asked constantly on all of my social medias about my ever growing Hermione Granger clothing collection. I'm always willing to share about where I got certain pieces, how I started collecting, how much everything costs, etc. I am planning to do a youtube video soon of the whole collection as it's been highly … Continue reading My Hermione Granger collection