Making of: Prisoner of azkaban Hermione

If you already didn’t know, Hermione is my all-time favourite character and is the character that pretty much got me into costuming. Prisoner of Akaban is my favourite movie in the series and this is possibly one of my favourite outfits. I just love that little rainbow belt.

I have done this before but it wasn’t accurate at all, so I’ve decided to update it (and bring it to cons!)

 Harry-Hermione-harry-ron-and-hermione-32905100-1500-985 P1000139

Jeans: I bought 2 pairs of bootcut jeans on ebay and weathered one pair (the other pair I will keep as a clean alternative). Both pairs came to about £6!

For the hoodie, it was surprisingly hard to find a plain zip up hoodie, and I am incredibly picky and fussy with my costumes. The hoodie had to be perfect. It had to be the right light pink colour, with no strings, silver zip, pockets with eyelets, etc.


After searching eBay, for ages, I found a good hoodie for just £5


It looked great, but however it was way too big. 😦 I decided not to use it and continued my search. Then I found a pink hoodie hoodie in my closet, so I tested it against my tank top and I was really happy with it. The only problem was that the jacket had embroidery on the top, so I grabbed my seam ripper and unpicked all of it. This took about a decade….or a few hours….I’m just dramatic.


It took me the entirety of Half blood prince to remove all of the stitching. This hoodie is quite old and scruffed up, but I like that, it adds some authenticity to the outfit. Hermione did get thrown around by the whomping willow – her outfit wouldn’t be clean.

P1010150 11094466_877572855649606_1941463285_n

then onto my tank top, I found it at Select for just £3. I did have to shorten the straps, but other than that it’s perfect.

Then onto shoes.


I had this lucky find a few years back when I was at an adidas outlet; They are pretty accurate looking because of the stripes on the sides, however they were purple not blue so I used blue fabric paint to paint over them. They don’t have brown soles but I don’t really care about that.

My favourite part of this outfit is that colourful rainbow belt! not surprisingly, I had a hard time finding one, but after a few months one popped up on amazon for £8, it was labelled as a “gay pride belt” if that helps anyone looking for one.

For some added accessories I used my time turner by Noble Collection, and I had a bandage wrapped around my hand. I also recently bought a thin black watch to match hers.

After mcm expo in may 2017, I updated my hoodie again because my usual one had stretched out and was no longer accurate at all. I decided to make my own hoodie, this way it would be as accurate as I wanted it to be and fit the right way that I wanted it to. I bought 2 metres of pale pink jersey fabric and got to work .


photos were taken by the lovely McAfee photography on Facebook.



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