Making of: Rey’s resistance outfit

This is the outfit that Rey wears at the end of the movie, when she finds Luke Skywalker.

It’s only on screen for about 2 minutes, but I think the outfit is very pretty and as Rey is my bae – I had to make it

materials used:

  • grey wool felt
  • dark grey polycotton
  • white jersey
  • brown faux leather


  • brown pants
  • official Disney Rey lightsaber

To start, I drafted patterns out of paper using a t shirt as a template. I then drafted the darts and seams into it and also created a pattern for the shoulder pieces – this took several tries as I couldn’t get them to sit right or have the same width.

12783849_1151799761520433_156365529_nI then went on the hunt for fabric; I did want the screen accurate herringbone knit fabric but I figured this would 1.too hard to find  2.too expensive or 3.too hard for me to work with so I looked around and swatched different fabrics until I found the one I liked. I used a mid grey wool felt fabric, which is a tad lighter than Rey’s is in the movie – but if it does start to bug me I will dye it darker. (Then again, it appears a different shade in every picture that I’ve seen of it)

This fabric was super easy to sew and super easy to work with. I made a few mistakes with the shoulder pieces but it was easy to undo stitches and this fabric left no trace of any mistakes 🙂

As this was such an easy fabric to use,  I whipped up the base vest in about 2-3 hours10953320_189176041463660_857097759_n.

I did need some alterations to the fit and the collar, but I was happy with the shape and structure of it as I thought it would be pretty difficult to re-create. I do wish that I had made the back darts larger **those round things on the bottom**   but at least they’re there! x)12677515_206531483037370_1233485697_n

here’s me wearing it 🙂

Lily likes to get involved with my sewing

As you can see, the back darts aren’t really noticeable, so that’s the only thing that I would go back and change.

I then recreated the whole vest in my lining fabric, which is the polycotton. I decided to line it as this vest is structured and I think that the lining pulls the garment together – plus it’s warmer and looks much more professional.


Onto the shoulder pieces. I still don’t think they’re perfect but that’s just me being picky.

I’m pretty sure that the screen accurate pieces just have seams or decorative stitches, but 12751515_1585697798423017_1466636285_nmine are made up of 3 pieces with top stitching to give it the look of the 5/6 seams.

*Only had 3 sections as I was running low on fabric*

The fabric was too thick to sew the pieces together and then onto the vest so I hot glued each piece down on the top shoulder seam and stitched them down on the arm holes and opposite edges.

The vest was finished so now I started work on the arm gauntlets. Again, you can’t see them very well on screen but for what I could see, they were two separate pieces; The one that was made from the vest fabric had a curved edge at the top with a circular patch with rows of top stitching. They also had raw zig zag edges on the bottom, but my fabric was too thick to do this.


I sewed mine together and then cut the curved edges as I didn’t know how they would fall if I cut them with the curve direct from the fabric. I did’t have enough fabric to make the patch so I just did the decorative stitching and left it.

The shape should look like this

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 17.26.26

The “under” gloves were made out of the lining fabric, super easy to make – just cut a rectangle out of fabric and make it thinner at the bottom.


I didn’t make these, I bought a pair of plain brown leggings and modified them to be 3/4 length.

Under shirt:


This was made from a stretch jersey fabric  that I had left over from my princess Leia – A new hope dress, and it took just 1 episode of clone wars to put together. seriously.

I just made a basic sleeveless top, hemmed the edges and cut the small V shape into it and then hemmed the neck hole.

The back has 3 sections as I accidentally cut into the fabric (ugh) on the right side and then I had to cut into it again to make it look even.

I seem to always find away to make things harder for myself  x)

Lastly, the belt. I wanted to make a new belt for Rey’s regular outfit anyway as I ‘d made 3 and still wasn’t happy with any of them – they just weren’t accurate enough.12963684_1011811482233316_8526341725942283905_n

I bought half a meter of faux leather and drafted the shape onto paper and modified it until I was happy with it.

It is 2 pieces glued together at the side but I don’t think anyone will care, it still looks accurate.

I hemmed both edges on each belt part and hot glued 2 pairs of hook+eyes on the top and bottom belt to fasten them.


The top one is shorter as it fits tight to my waist but the bottom one hangs loose, but not too loose so that it stays positioned at my hip.

I did lighten the shade of the lather *as you can see in the picture* because the only shade of brown that was available was a dark brown. I painted it in a mix of terracotta and light brown.

And that completes my Resistance Rey cosplay, I love how this turned out and I adored putting it together, this was a fast project as I honestly had nothing that frustrated me or anything that made me stall and scrap the project (we all have those days)

95b43f75c7f7d64390fa8bafc920ddd5 copy 295b43f75c7f7d64390fa8bafc920ddd5 copy95b43f75c7f7d64390fa8bafc920ddd5

I also love the pictures that I got back, they look super cool!

I seriously love being rey and I’m on the hunt for more Rey costumes to make – but I’ve made both of her outfits that she wears in the movie in just 5 months after it’s release….:(

If you have any questions then drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you 🙂

Bri x


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