2017 Costume wishlist

Thought it would be pretty fun to post a To Do list for costumes that I want to make this year. These are just sewing based (or atleast 80% sewing based)

Some of these I’ve already started, some of these probably won’t happen….but still, it seems like a fun blog post. Plus – it gives you a look at the projects I’ll be working on this year. I’m only going to include 10 even though I have a list as long as all 7 HP books, I’m going to include my top 10 – which will probably change throughout the year but….ah well.

  1. Belle – Beauty and the Beast

Both of her costumes! I’ll delve more into the reasons why I absolutely adore this movie and it’s costume when I write my blogs on the finished costume. It took me just 24 hours after seeing the movie to buy all of my fabrics. I’ve started on Belle’s ball gown, but I’ll be bringing her peasant dress to MCM expo in may. I’m still hunting for some of the fabrics for her peasant dress because it want it to look as accurate as I can possibly get, but I know that the costuming team probably printed their own fabric, hopefully I can find some close matches.

2. Jyn Erso – Rogue One


I finished most of her in December but I still have to make the belt and holster, gloves and scarf. I loved Rogue One so much, K2SO was my favourite…… 😥 I got Jyn’s vest done in one day – and on christmas eve! It was actually really fun to make and distress.

3. Hermione’s yule ball dress – Harry Potter and the goblet of fire


Yes, I started this in November, but I’m slowly and surely working through it. I’m taking my time with it and only working on it when I want to because I want it too look perfect with no shortcuts. Nothing will be rushed and it will be made of screen accurate fabrics. This dress includes a lot of silk and a lot of hand dying so this one is going to take a while to put together, not to mention the complicated seams of the bodice and skirt! I had to make 2 mock ups of the bodice and I’m still not happy with it….I haven’t even put my skirt mock up together yet. 2017 will hopefully be the year that I finally make this; as it’s my dream costume I’ve often debated over making it or buying a replica. I know, I never look into buying a costume, but this one is different. I just want this in my closet. But none of the replicas have been good enough to me (I also don’t fancy splashing £300 on a dress) so I figured that I have to make it.

4. Glinda’s popular dress – Wicked


I love wicked so much….so much. I first saw the show in 2013 and have been making this dress since then; Yeah I’m not kidding. This dress includes my sewing from 2013! which isn’t really a good thing as I was not experienced at all back then, but it’s nothing that 2017 me can’t fix. My bodice is finished, I’m just stuck on how to make those impossible skirt pleats. I’m thinking they were made with a pleating board but mine didn’t work so….I’m still stuck. I think they are accordion pleats, meaning this dress is gonna take a long time because it involves a lot of pleating, then ironing, pleating, then ironing, etc. But it’s so pretty and I want it.

5. Harley Quinn – Suicide Squad


Before the film, I Harley was on top of my “to do” list, but after seeing the film she kinda slipped under and I forgot about her, but recently she creeped back up to the top of my list eafter my love for the movie was re-awoken. I loved all of her costumes, especially her little sequin clubbing dress (which I’d also love to make this year). I’ve already done a few make up and hair test and this character makes me feel so cool and confident, I don’t even know why because she’s crazy but I just love her character. This costume involves a lot – the wig, the top, the shorts, the jacket, the belt, the tattoos, the shoes, the bat and more. There’s a lot of this that I have never done before but I’m actually really excited to try my hand at this costume.

6. Eliza Schuyler – Hamilton


Yes, Hamilton dragged me under it’s musical wheel. I freakin’ love this show! I’m a big fan of the whole “crinoline, bustle pads, corset” period costumes so I was immediately draw to the ladies costumes in Hamilton (not just the ladies though – the war coats are incredible!)  My favourite song from the show is Burn sang by Eliza, so Eliza is the character that I’ll be doing.

7. Anna’s coronation dress – Frozen


I don’t really know why……I don’t even like Frozen that much. However, I went to Disney world in October and had this sudden urge to make all of the princess’ dresses. This one caught my eye the most; I’m a sucker for pleats. Especially box pleats. I got to see all of these little girls wearing princess dresses and I got  jealous that I was too old 😦

8. Queenie Goldstein – Fantastic Beasts


I’m going to be honest and say that I didn’t care for this movie when it first came out, but recently it has warmed to me. I had very high expectations for fantastic beasts as I am a huge Potter fan, but was slightly disappointed with it. The whole American thing….didn’t grab me…I always associated Potter with being 100% British – but I realised that there is this whole immersive universe that movies can be made about, regardless of characters or locations that you may miss from the last movies. I have grown to love the movie, especially it’s costumes! Queenie’s outfit reminded me of Glinda from Wicked’s wardrobe so I instantly fell for it with all of it’s pinks and silks. Those curls too! OMG

9. Eponine – Les Miserables


My all time favourite character from my all time favourite show. I’ve been meaning to do this for so long because I love Eponiné and this costume is so basic. I actually started this project back in October but haven’t picked up on it; I have the hat and the cockade but I need that coat. Oh how I love that coat.

10. Dolores – West World


I wasn’t a huge fan of the show but this all blue cotton number caught me as soon as it was on screen; As I previously said, I love a period costume. Plus, this one involves cowboys! This isn’t a definite, but I would like to make it just because I love the design, but I can’t promise that it won’t slip down the to do list because I didn’t care for this character that much.


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