Making of: Year 3000 girl outfit

Another sewing blog! This time it’s no costume but rather an outfit I made for a concert. If you didn’t know (Although, who am I kidding, everyone knows) my favourite band are a band of 3 dorks called Busted – and one night I had the music video playing and had a sudden “I NEED THAT OUTFIT” moment; This time it was the iconic triple breasted woman outfit from their music video for “year 3000”. As you can tell, I’m one of those fans that like to go the extra mile…….but they didn’t complain as they even complimented me on my work 😉

I had this bright idea in July last year, when the weather was warm and bikini appropriate; What I didn’t know was that their next concert would be in February… obviously I couldn’t wear this outfit or I would’ve caught hypothermia. But still, maybe I could use this for one of their festival shows.


Anyway, onto the making of process, it took just a week to finish everything and in my opinion, you could do this with very little sewing experience if you’re thinking of doing something like this for a costume party or halloween or whatever.

I decided to go for the all black ensemble on the right.

materials used:

  • black (or white) fabric
  • black half circle skirt
  • red/orange, yellow and white paint
  • pink sweatband
  • black thick choker
  • silver padlock chain necklace

I used a black skirt that I had in my closet, bought the padlock and sweatband on depop. I bought a plain black thick velvet choker from primark. Then picked up half a meter of black cotton fabric; I really would advise to use a stretch fabric such as jersey or polyester (however these would be hard to paint on). The cotton fabric really compressed my boobs, but atlas I don’t have to worry about falling out of the bra.

For the choker necklace, I drew the Busted logo onto the base choker in white pencil. I’m most proud of this choker because I managed to make and sell two more to some fans. I went over my pencil sketches with some white paint; It took about 4 layers to get the finished look.


Onto the bikini top! I’m gonna be honest, constructing this was tough. I had no idea how I was going to keep my dignity with covering my own boobs but also cater for a third boob that I did not have. All 3 pieces had to be equal or I would’ve hated it #sewingOCD but I think I figured it out because everything fits properly and covers my “bits”.

I measured around my under bust chest area, then over my bust, and from my under bust to my shoulder. This was to figure out how long my straps had to be. I then added length to them to be able to tie all of the straps together atlas twice – I do not want this thing falling down.


I then measured how wide and long I wanted my triangles to be. I would advise smaller busted (ha) girls to do this project, especially with this fabric, but if you do have bigger chesticles – use a stretch fabric! I also measured the small straps that hold up the middle third boob triangle because obviously there’s no boobie there to hold it up.

I cut out my triangles 6 times because I wanted a lining. Then I sewed everything together.


I then painted the fire patterns onto the individual triangles, I originally started painting it before I’d sewn it all together but realised it would be easier afterwards because of the seam allowances. This was really easy to do; If you’re not confident in drawing and painting free hand onto fabric then you can always use a template from google images. After this I wanted to add a little bling to it so I added some orange beads. I felt like this made it look a bit more professional and less DIY I just painted some triangles and sewed them together looking. Then I was done!

I had so many compliments on this from others fans and even the band themselves! *shout out to Matt Willis for the retweet! he called me cool!*

This was such a fun project, maybe I’ll do the air hostess uniform next…..?

Also, How much have I said the word boob in this blog?


Here’s to my next project and blog post, see you all soon

Bri x


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