Prep for LFCC + LSCC -Costume  progress June 2017

A bit of a different blog, but I thought I’d give you all an insight into my line up for my summer conventions and the progress I’ve made on my costumes so far.

These are the projects I’ll be taking with me

  • live action Belle
  • Hermione’s yule ball dress
  • Harley’s prison suit (finished)
  • Hermione Deathly Hallows part 2
  • Hermione’s red dress (finished)
  • Luna Lovegood



Belle is slowly and surely coming together. The bodice and skirt are finished; The under shirt and bloomers are in progress. I still need to do her underskirt, apron, pocket pouches and track down her necklace. Since this picture was taken I replaced the red fabric, lowered the neckline and added the lace up on the side.

Shoes. I also need shoes. But I do have a pair of military boots in my closet, they are black but if I can’t find a pair of brown ones before the con then I’ll take them.

I’ll be using my Rey wig for this so no new wigs yay!

I’m so excited to wear Belle. I am completely in love with the live action movie and was blown away by Emma’s Belle. And no, I swear I’m not biased. I don’t think anyone else could have played her.



Her bloomers have been my favourite thing to make. I haven’t seen many costumers add these to  their Belle, and they aren’t a necessity to the outfit but I couldn’t resist, I just wanted an excuse to make bloomers.

As you can see in the picture,  I hand painted the floral print on. I wasn’t even going to bother with finding fabric for these because I knew I couldn’t. I’m so excited to see how they turn out.

This costume gives me a good excuse to run around London singing.


Then Hermione’s deathly Hallows part 2 outfit. This isn’t definite because it depends on the weather but British summers aren’t usually hot so I want this outfit prepared incase of cold weather.


I have all of the pieces for this outfit apart from the hoodie, The one in the picture is temporary until I find a more accurate colour one. I recently found the screen accurate hoodie online and was so excited to have it, but it sadly got lost in the mail and the seller only had one 😦  I also need new jeans because I no longer have black skinny jeans. I’m happy to say that the shoes I have are screen accurate though! I take Hermione to every convention, as tradition, not only because she’s the only character I 100% feel comfortable as and is very dear to my heart, but because I have a lovely group of Potter fans that I get to meet up with as her.

As if that’s not enough Hermione, I’m also taking two more! I’ll be bringing her red dress to LSCC because my sister begged me to wear it with her as Luna – which I will be making for her because she’s very new to the cosplay community. We will be there in the outfits that Hermione and Luna wore to Bill and Fleur’s wedding. 18882043_1389513641129763_4866343811607785896_n

I haven’t officially started on this yet because I’m waiting for Sophie to pick out her fabrics, but I have drafted the patterns and I’m pretty happy with them.

So far we have the wand, shoes and jewellery.

If you want to see how I made Hermione’s red dress, here’s my previous blog post > Making of: Hermione’s red dress


I’ve also finished Harley’s prison suit from suicide Squad which you can see here > Making of: Harley Quinn’s prison outfit  

I’m not sure on what day or whether I’ll be definitely bringing her because my wig is missing 😦 it is in my house, so I will find it, but I still need to cut it so if it turns up the day before the con, it’s not coming with me.


And finally, another Hermione! but her yule ball dress. This is the one thing I’ve been avoiding for years! I was (and still am) terrified of it. All of those seams. All of those dyes. But it is my dream costume! and I feel like I’m finally mentally prepared for it.



The bodice is done (aside from the zip) and I’m about half way done on the base skirt. I’m still gathering all of the fabric and dyes for the skirt silk sections. I am so freakin’ excited for this.

Even if it isn’t 100% accurate, I’ve made and that – so far – is making me happy enough.

I’ll delve into all of the details when the dress is finished in a separate blog post because there’s so much to discuss.



Until next time

Bri x










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