A Hermione a week! #6

So I wasn’t meant to post this until Friday but I accidentally clicked publish and now I can’t undo it so…..whoops…..

Another winter outfit even though it’s august! but I’m British and it’s cold here all the time so it’s okay.

Check out last week’s outfit here > week #5

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 21.59.46

So this outfit is made up of a bunch of bits that Hermione frequently wears throughout Half Blood prince; Most notably her Topshop coat. In this scene she wears it in Hogsmeade where she, Harry and Ron go to the three broomsticks and discover Katie Bell. Her checked coat id from Topshop, her hat is by the costuming team at Leavsden and her scarf is by a designer called Alan Santry, who made the scarf for the movie.

I hunted for a replica of her hat for years, because I knew I couldn’t get my hands on the screen worn one, but everyone I found online would be super expensive – which I understand because knitting is a time consuming craft, but I managed to find a lady on etsy from Sheffield who not only made it in a small size (great for my tiny head) and was only charging £14 for it. It’s so well made that I’ve even contacted her to make Hermione’s other hats for me!

I gave up on looking for the scarf because I thought it was made bespoke for the movie, but I managed to track down the designer’s email, this sounds so stalker-ish but I promise it’s not ha!, I contacted him asking if he had any to sell and he did, I couldn’t believe my luck!




I managed to find the coat on eBay ages ago, but had to alter it a lot as it was a size too big, but I git it for a brain of £10 so I was not complaining at all. I did have a very close alt (close match) of the coat before but I have since sold it.




LOOK HOW CUTE THIS OUTFIT IS! definitely one of my favourites

until next time

Bri x











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