A Hermione a week! #7

Welcome back! We’re onto our 7th outfit and this time it’s Hermione’s Deathly Hallows part 2 look.

I’ve updated this 3 times and this time I think I’m finally happy with it.

Week #6 here 


Hemrione wears this outfit for almost 90% of the movie so I really wanted to get mine right because I knew I’d be picking faults at my costume every time I saw the movie. I did manage to find the SA pink hoodie from Topshop, but it got lost in the mail *cries* so I had huge struggle of finding the perfect pink hoodie – this may sound picky, but I like my Hermione outfits to be perfect, and this hoodie is a really tough colour to find; It’s a kind of mauve pink/purple colour with a metal zip. For some reason a similar one is impossible to find. However, I am happy with the one I have, but would like the SA one. The rest of the outfit is pretty basic just some dark jeans, brown boots and a denim jacket. I was lucky enough to get the SA boots and a pretty good alt for the jacket.



All of my pieces are from eBay or thrift stores. The beaded bag is from the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

I did a shoot at amongst these crumbling walls at a building in my town and the pictures turned out pretty cool!

To see the pictures check out my Facebook page here



Until next time

Bri x


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