The Daisy dress: How to make a skater dress

I started a new project today, using some scrap fabric and I'm very pleased with how it's turned out. This dress is a V neck skater style dress with a tea length skirt and short sleeves. I fell in love with the design of this dress that Daisy Ridley wore to Star wars celebration; The … Continue reading The Daisy dress: How to make a skater dress


How to: Costume research

Ever since I started sewing and costuming, I've thoroughly enjoyed the research and construction part, however I know that many people struggle with this aspect. I often receive messages from my lovely followers or friends stating that they "have no idea where to start with a costume"  and that the research is always the worst … Continue reading How to: Costume research

2017 in costumes

As 2017 draws to a close, I thought it would be nice to reflect on all the costumes that I've done this year. 2017 has been a heavy sewing year, not only cosplay wise, I also run an easy store for cosplay items and was trying my hardest to knock out a load of sewing … Continue reading 2017 in costumes

Making of and research: Period costume – Cosette Les Mis

A different variation of my usual making of blogs, this time it'll be more research based. Research is one of the most important and vital part of costuming especially when it's period based. As I'm trying to make my costumes more historically accurate, and also trying to build up my portfolio of not only period … Continue reading Making of and research: Period costume – Cosette Les Mis

Re-creating scenes of Harry Potter – in costume!

A goal of mine is to re-create scenes of Harry Potter. Why? because I f*cking love Harry Potter, and my passion in life is sewing and costuming - and Harry Potter introduced me to that, well, Hermione. One of my favourite scenes in the whole series is the scene in Shaftesbury avenue, and since I … Continue reading Re-creating scenes of Harry Potter – in costume!

A Hermione a week! #6

So I wasn't meant to post this until Friday but I accidentally clicked publish and now I can't undo it so.....whoops..... Another winter outfit even though it's august! but I'm British and it's cold here all the time so it's okay. Check out last week's outfit here > week #5 So this outfit is made up … Continue reading A Hermione a week! #6

Making of: Year 3000 girl outfit

Another sewing blog! This time it's no costume but rather an outfit I made for a concert. If you didn't know (Although, who am I kidding, everyone knows) my favourite band are a band of 3 dorks called Busted - and one night I had the music video playing and had a sudden "I NEED … Continue reading Making of: Year 3000 girl outfit